Our friends, Straight Jacket Legends have released a song with the Church of Jediism in celebration of the new Star Wars movie.

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Jediism Logo

The Church of Jediism is often referred to the first digital Church, we believe that technology can push us to great things.

Here at the Church of Jediism we connect people of all walks of life from all genre and back grounds to the one goal of uniting the understanding and fulfilment of a happy life and to have fun.

You don’t have to change your religion or drop a certain belief.

to become a part of the International Church of Jediism. All you need is register and become a fully pledged member of the community.


Just go to the training section of this site to start you on the path to total understanding and life enlightenment.

Short History

The Jedi Church or (Church of Jediism) is the brainchild of Daniel M. Jones who took the Jedi Church to its full global viewing point in 2008 when the eyes of the world media was pulled towards the project.

The Jedi Church is a community of like minded Star Wars and Sci Fi fans who communicate through the common love for the way the Jedi are portrayed in the movies and the values they stand for. It is more than just a fan club, and connects with people via a thirst for this kind of community.

The church as been featured in such media outlets as: TIME Magazine, BBC News, ITV, ITV NewsKerrang! Radio, NPR, BBC Radio, BBC World News, Fox News, The Sun, The News Of The World, Full house Magazine, The Trisha Goddard Show, Have I Got News For You Show, Mock The Week Show… and just about every major world news media outlet.

Among world media the church has the attention of celebrities, and has gained celebrity members.

Now the Jedi Church or (Church of Jediism) stands as the biggest and most well known source of all information media relating to the Jedi belief and it’s teachings, and has had offers from book publishers like Harper Collins USA to produce a book on the journey of this incredible new movement.