Jediism – Genuine or Just for Profit

Is it a true religion?

Posted by Tom on November 27, 2018 · 3 mins read

Many people who have heard about Jediism are surprised. The surprise is not only with the fact that the movies sparked the birth of a religion, but that at wondering whether it was genuine or merely for profit. After all, Star Wars is a huge franchise - a global cultural phenomenon liked not only by kids but also adults.

Why Was the Jedi Church Created?

The popularity of Star Wars was not only because of stunning special effects, the compelling story, and the likable archetypal characters. The films were also influential due to underlying ideas and themes of good versus evil, altruism, self-sacrifice and the triumph over temptation, the search of wisdom, and more, which are all essential virtues.

These elements were the reason behind the Jedi Church’s creation. All because many people saw the positive things that the movie portrays. The Jedi and the Force were two of the profoundly influencing concepts of the film. These were the ideas that influenced people to create the Jediism, a religion that embodies the teachings of the movie Jedi.

The teachings of the real-world Jedi were about growth and redemption, about being mindful of negative emotions, and for their followers to serve as guardians of justice and peace. These are noble ideas that are straight from the movies, which although fictional, have great lessons to teach. If Jediism is indeed a genuine church, there does not seem to be anything wrong with its beliefs, codes, and teachings.

Star Wars-themed Casino Games, Merchandise, and Products

While the Jedi Church seems to have genuine religious intentions, doubt exists due to Star Wars being a huge franchise with enormous profits. The existence of Star Wars-themed casino games, merchandise, and all other products for profit make people disbelieving over the reality of Jediism. One can help but wonder if the so-called Jediism is only a front to gain more people who will support the industry.

Among the most popular Star Wars-themed games include a Star Wars Trilogy video slot containing three base games corresponding to the original trilogy – Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. There is also Pazaak that is an ancient card game within the Star Wars universe which was created for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

In the past, there were also Star Wars slot machines that were phased out in line with the positive image that Disney wants for the franchise. Besides online casino games and slot machines, there are plenty of Star Wars merchandise and businesses existing today. It is easy to think that perhaps the people that established the Jedi church were only trying to cash out from the popularity of the movies.

It could be true, and we may never know the real intention behind every Jedi group in the world. It is hard to guess the purpose behind their church, especially when a large number of the followers are spread out to the world. Whether their intention is sincere or not depends on the person. Nothing could stop a person from believing the truths behind the concept of Jedi even if it came from fiction.