Star Wars – A Phenomenon

Not just a movie

Posted by Tom on December 15, 2018 · 4 mins read

real world Jedis convention In May 1977, a little over four decades ago, the blockbuster movie and worldwide phenomenon Star Wars was released. Filmmaker George Lucas created it, which comprised three films initially with three more released starting in 1999. In 2015, another set of trilogy movie began to be released and have significantly influenced the lives of millions of people around the world.

Its influence is not only to children but even adults. It is to the point of fans starting a new religion based on the film’s concept of the Jedi and the Force. Star Wars did become not only a cultural but also a religious phenomenon. It is not surprising that Star Wars became a huge pop culture wonder with the films’ stunning special effects, epic storylines, and classic characters of good versus evil.

Its influence extended to filmmaking, merchandising, video games, television programs, theme parks, books, and graphic novels. Moreover, it influenced metaphysics, religion, ethics, and epistemology. Let us try to evaluate the reason behind the movies’ spectacle.

Star Wars Aren’t Just Movies

The entertainment quality of the movies is without a doubt one of the reasons that led to Star Wars as a phenomenon. Some people argue that they are just movies, but others see far beyond the special effects, compelling stories, and other elements.

Some people respond well to the underlying notions within the movies and how influencing they are. Ever since the very first movie was released, films have had massive influence in worldviews, particularly in how people perceive and understand reality. Many Christians thought that Star Wars are overly praised. But it remains true that it has many positive elements such as how its heroes always seek wisdom especially the young Jedi Luke Skywalker.

This search for wisdom is in line with the Scripture’s statement in the desire to learn and grow. Besides the story’s concept of wisdom, there is also the desire to do good which is evident in movies’ characters. Even with the injustices and difficulties they experience, the characters remain true to their good natures working to correct all that is wrong in their world.

Another excellent reason behind the popularity of the movies is it is primarily all about combating evil. The entire film revolves around opposing the villain who only seeks to destroy. There are also the altruistic characters who never hesitate to sacrifice themselves and show faith throughout their journey. But perhaps the most critical element of the movie that ties it to philosophy and religion is how the characters overcome temptation.

In the movie, there is the concept of the Force, which is an invisible force flowing and binding the universe. The most obvious demonstration of the Force in the films was the mind tricks of the Jedi, who are its followers. However, there are more stories about this invisible energy and plays a vital role in how the universe works.

A Movie Representing Coherent Worldview and All the Good in People

These elements occurring in Star Wars – the Force and the attempt to bring balance – are concepts presenting a coherent worldview and has deeply touched the minds of millions of people around the world. The fact that many religious and philosophical threads were weaved through the movies also adds to its appeal and caused the birth of a new religion.