Church of Jediism and Its Impact on Society

The real world Jedis

Posted by Tom on January 28, 2019 · 4 mins read

real world Jedis convention The real world Jedis are real people following and leading their lives according to the teachings of Jediism. These are people believing the real Jedi philosophy – followers, leaders, and ministers embracing Jediism as a real religion. You must be wondering, “Is this true? Are there really people who believe in the Force or that they can become a Jedi warrior like Obi-Wan-Kenobi?”

Believing in the Force, yes, but becoming a Jedi like in the movies? The answer is no. That’s not what the Jedi church is about. They do follow the ideals of the Jedi and the Force as energy that flows through the universe and binds it. However, they most certainly don’t believe they can do mind tricks, and they recognize that the movies are all fiction.

What the real world Jedi recognizes are the truths of the ideas underlying the movies such as the inherent goodness of people, triumph over temptation, and that good will prevail over evil. The teachings of Jediism speak of truths directed to the heart, something that is entirely different to so many religions today.

It was one of the reasons why there are reportedly thousands of people every day converting and signing up in the Church of Jediism. The numbers of convert also increased due to the latest trilogy of Star Wars movies that introduced the younger generation to the franchise. Due to this, many people are learning about the concept of the Force, especially the youth.

No doubt that some of those who claim to belong in the Jedi Order is only trying to be funny and some are merely overzealous fans. However, there are those who are serious in their beliefs and aren’t just there to dress as Luke Skywalker. These are people who understand that there is a more profound meaning of Jediism. The younger people are especially drawn to the church and its teachings, which have helped them to form a different understanding of the world.

Today’s youth long for freedom and seeks for the kind of faith ideal for their independent minds. This makes Jediism the perfect religion for them as the Jedi beliefs are centered on the energy permeating the universe and not in God. The followers of Jediism do no pretend of capable of lifting objects with their minds or any Jedi mind tricks.

What they do believe is that the Force is there to serve as a guide to how they should behave and treat others through the 33 Jedi Teachings To Live By. Since Jediism is a non-dogmatic religion, it allows its community members to accept, reject or study its teachings as they see fit. The primary belief of the followers of Jediism is that all living things have a soul existing everywhere which is the good side or the light side of everything.

Besides the good side, there is also the bad side or the dark side of the Force, which the followers are encouraged to reject or avoid. These two central beliefs, which the real world Jedi tries to live by, help them to stay on the right path. For the younger generation, the teachings of Jediism guide them to be on the side of the good, which is perhaps the main reason for the appeal of the Jedi Church.