How Do Jediist Beliefs Collide with Christian Ones?

Talks about religion are a serious matter.

Posted by Tom on February 04, 2019 · 3 mins read

People all have differing beliefs, and these days, you don’t only have traditional faiths such as Christianity, Buddhism, Daoism, and any of the other old religions. Today, we also have newer religions that stemmed from fiction such as Jediism.

The Jedi religion has its beliefs coming from the concepts of the Jedi and the Force in the Star Wars franchise. While to some people this is only a movie, there are those who are serious in their Star Wars and Jedi beliefs. They are strict in following the codes and teachings they gleaned from the Force, the energy flowing and binding the universe.

As I said before, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but surely some are curious as to what differentiates every religion from each other. In this case, you must be wondering how do Jediist beliefs collide or differ with Christian ones?

Jediist Beliefs Are Similar to Mysticism, and its Teachings Point to the Heart

The Jedi beliefs are akin to mysticism. It can be said that it is a modern rendition of the old aspects of the old religions. In Jediism, the teachings don’t aim at the head or the will of a person, but instead at their heart. The heart is recognized as the ultimate source of the authority and where love resides.

Going with that concept, if the beliefs of the Jediism is rooted at heart, then it can’t be wrong. Jediism is spiritual beliefs known only by the spirit and by worldly desires or rationalistic thinking. The modern Jedi are those who have a great understanding of the deep things in life.

Modern Jedis Believe in the Force, but Understands Star Wars is Fiction

There are many things that people get curious about the Jedi religion. For one, there is the fact that the religion’s source material is fiction. Modern Jedis recognize this fact as well as how it was based on the teachings of many other faiths. This recognition allows them to only adopt the truths behind the concept of Jediism in the movies.

On the other hand, most Christians don’t know the history behind their religion and that its source material is closer to fiction than Jediism. It is true that Star Wars is fiction, but the concept of Jedi and the Force has many lessons about morality, life, and the universe. The movie, even though is a fiction, has great lessons that serve as a guide to people about life.

It also teaches people of the great connection that exists between people. In a sense, the lessons taught by the movies are very religious. It is in contrast with other religions, especially Christianity and the belief of faith. For Jediism, faith is a destructive concept and therefore does not encourage its believers to believe in anything without sufficient evidence or reason.

The teachings of Jediism are more compact and have a deeper approach to morality, life, and the world. The biggest difference it has with Christianity is its acknowledgment of the fact that it came from a fictional story. On the other hand, many Christians and Catholics still struggle in their belief of the narrative behind in their religion while Jediist has accepted theirs fully.