What is the Force?

what exactly is the Force in the Jedi religion?

All living entities generate the Force, and as such, it resides in all living things. Some especially powerful individuals have a more symbiotic relationship with the Force, and they are called the Jedi. It is the concept of the Jedi and the Force in the movie, from which the Jediism religion was based. The idea of the Force is the same, but the Jedi is different. In the real world, the Jedis are any individual who wishes to practice the teachings of Jediism and use the Force as a guide to do good in the world.

The Force – Jediism and other Religions

The Force is the central theme in the religion of Jediism. It is a sacred philosophy that the real Jedi practices every day in their lives. It deviates a little from the Force in the movie as an energy field. Instead, it is an ancient concept similar to the qi, the Holy Spirit, and other forces believed to exist in other religions.

Ancient religions and eastern philosophies are known to believe in the idea of a life-force energy that flows around and through each of us. This force shapes the very fabric of the universe and existence, forming the world in the way it should be. As stated before, it is known under many names in other religions, but no matter the name it is a recognizable concept.

Seeing as it exists in many different religions, one can say that everyone believes in it. Only that most people are aware of it in the names that their respective religion calls this life-force. The Chinese call it the qi or chi, the Christians call is the Holy Spirit, while others recognize it merely as an aura that surrounds every life form in this earth.

What is the Force?

Other philosophies sometimes call this energy or make it synonymous to one’s consciousness. Since the beginning of time and space, it is believed that the Force existed as an integral component that shaped the origin of reality. In Jediism, there are two separate states in which the Force states – the Personal Force and the Living Force.

The Personal Force is the person’s life energy and consciousness flowing inside of him. It can be sometimes called the soul or the spirit – the culmination of all of the person’s thoughts and experiences, his own consciousness and driving force. On the other hand, the Living Force refers to the universal energy existing throughout existence.

The real Jedi believes in both the Personal and Living Force as intertwined and interacting energy. They are the same and different in that each has separated wills. In Jediism, the Jedi’s responsibility is to be in line with the unified Force and be guided with this benevolent entity with the purpose of helping the betterment of everyone in existence.